High Quality Blue Plastic 3 Color Retractable Pen With Stylus and Rubber Grip Writes in Black, Blue and Red – Only 35 cents each

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Black Plastic 3 Color pen, the pen that keeps you organized. Pen has 3 different colors of ink in 1 pen.
Ink colors include Black, Blue and Red.
Each pen has a comfortable rubber grip and a convenient stylus.

With three colors in one pen, you can enjoy an endless stream of multi-color uses. Add illustrations to your writing, or color code your written work for easier identification of important sections. These pens are great for note taking at school. They’re fun for all ages and can be used to write recipes, jot down notes, record detailed instructions or simply doodle. Each pen provides multiple color choices conveniently, requiring a simple click to instantly change from one color to the next.

All in all, this makes for a great writing instrument, with a multi-purpose use.