Heavy Duty Garden Hose 8-Spray Nozzle by Pro Green – Metal Zinc Alloy

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The Pro Green Brass Garden Spray Nozzle is a great 8 Spray Nozzle with a powerful spray for cleaning gutters, patios, sidewalks and driveway. This 8 System Nozzle is perfect for Washing Cars and Watering your Garden. The Chrome Nozzle has a rubber grip which makes for easy spray adjustment.

  • 8 Spray Metal Zink Alloy Nozzle Shoots A Strong Spray for Sidewalks, Driveways and Patios. Also Perfect for Washing Cars.
  • Strong Stream Spray to a Soft Mist Cone Spray And Everything In Between.
  • Easy 8 Click System, Simple to Use Garden Spray Nozzle.


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Weight 15 lbs