Handy Heavy Duty Pineapple Corer And Slicer

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Fresh pineapple always tastes better than the canned variety, but coring and slicing a pineapple can be tedious and downright difficult unless you’ve got the right tool. This handy pineapple corer and slicer takes away the difficult part of getting the job done. Simply slice the leafy crown of the pineapple off and then place the cutting disk over the end of the pineapple.  With a slight downward pressure you’ll core the pineapple with ease. Then using the cutting edge on the side of the disk you can slice the pineapple into rings without a problem. The best part is, the juice of the fruit will be retained with minimal waste.
  • Effortlessly cores and slices pineapple
  • No metal blades means no sharpening needed
  • Recommended for best use with 3-5 pound pineapples
  • Juice retained inside the pineapple for minimal waste
  • Dishwasher safe
What’s Included:
  • One (1) Handy Heavy Duty Pineapple Corer And Slicer

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