Halloween 23ft Giant Spider Web+2ft Fake Scary Hairy Spider

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The adjustable spider and sturdy spider web are suitable for many places. You may decor your yard, outside window, doorway, and even the woods, any place that you want to surprise people. Easy to clean up and will not damage your furniture.

Spider webs are an easy way to turn your home into a house of horrors. As our Spider and web props can surely endure heavy rainfalls, they are perfect outdoor Halloween window yard decorations. This will be a lot of fun for Halloween! You can decorate with your family and friends to leave a good memory for your Halloween.

  • [Must Have for Halloween Decoration]-Are you looking for a spooky idea to decorate your house. The Halloween giant spider web is definitely a “MUST” in Halloween decoration. The spider web is white, and a black furry spider with red eyes has flexible fake legs very realistic and terrifying.
  • [Spooky Halloween Spider Web]-Big spider web and scary fake big spiders, spider cotton with 5 small spiders. Celebrate Halloween with your kids by decorating your backyard and indoor Halloween party. They’ll enjoy the chance to spend time with their friends and show off house decorations, and you’ll have a party to remember.
  • [Strong and Reusable]-Looking to outdo every other yard in the neighborhood? You’re going to want to pick up this 2ft large spiders which is taller than most single-story homes. The spider is so large, and Installation is quick. It’s made of polyester, so it’ll resist inclement weather. Besides, The fake spider and spider web can be folded, easy to store, and can be used repeatedly.
  • [Easy to Set Up]-Fix the hook on the top of the spider web on the roof or tree, then spread the spider web, then tie the tailhook on the spider web and insert it into the ground, and finally put the spider on it. Be sure to install a smoke machine for the ultimate spooky atmosphere. Decorate with your family and friends to leave a good memory for your Halloween.
  • [Indoor/Outdoor Decorations]-The Halloween spider cobwebs and webs are big enough. Outdoor can be used for your outside house and garden, indoor can be used for furniture, walls, windows, or any place you want to decorate. The torn spider web covers your house, making it look like an abandoned hut.

Package Include:

1x 24inch Furry Giant Spiders
1x 23ft Halloween Spider Web
1x 60g Stretchable Cobweb
1x Hook (for the gutter)
5x Steaks (for the ground)


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