Gwee Racer Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloth ā€“ Assorted Colors

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  • BEST SCREEN CLEANER: A Screen Cleaning Solution That’s Convenient, Compact, and Portable Tablet Cleaning Cloth with Case, a Tablet Cleaner That Kills Germs; The Best Screen Cleaner for Mac, PC, Laptop, Apple Macbook, or Desktop Computer, and Any Touchscreen Monitor; These Tablet Cleaning Wipes Work Well on Touch Screens With or Without Screen Protectors
  • REVOLUTIONARY MICROFIBER: This Kit Goes Beyond Simply Wiping Your Screen. Microfiber cloth with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial product protection controls the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Continual action keeps the cloth clean, fresh and ready for each use.
  • SCREEN CLEANER THAN KILLS GERMS: With the Patented Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Technology, Rest Assured the Microfiber Pads are Clean and Ready for Use. Especially Valued by Parents Whose Children are Constantly Using Their Smartphones and Tablets
  • BRIGHT & COLORFUL: The Gwee RacerĀ® Comes in a Variety of Fun and Fashionable Colors to Match Your Phone Cases, Tablet Case, or Simply Your Personal Sense of Style

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