Gold Color Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch With 27″ Chain

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The Story Behind the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch
On January 31st 1874 the Gadshill train robbery took place by the notorious Jessie James’ gang, robbing passengers clean of gold bars, jewelry and guns. Among the stolen treasures on that fateful day was the conductor Mr. C. A. Alreds’ own pocket watch. Made by elite master craftsmen of the day, legend tells this beautifully made time piece was returned by Jessie James himself.
To Record That Day in History..
We are proud to present the Limited Edition Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch. Certified by the American Historic Society this beautiful, intricate time piece commemorates the Old West in all its glory. Handsomely adorned with round gold tone bezel. An intricate case in black to reveal its captivated skeleton movement. Skilled artisans and master craftsmen have complimented this nostalgic pocket watch with perfectly paired pocket chain and FOB both in stunning gold tone.
  • Collectible Kansas City Railroad pocket watch
  • Antique-style replica reveals the intricate gear movement
  • Features a sturdy butterfly hinge and brilliant stem set with a 26″ pocket chain
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • Mechanical hand-wound movement
What’s Included:
  • One (1) One Pocket Watch
  • One (1) One Certificate of Authenticity
  • One (1) One 26″ Chain and FOB

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