Global Chef Universal Serrated Bread and Tomato Knife With Storing Sheath (White)

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Our sleek, ultra durable, super sharp, stainless steel knife is the perfect multipurpose tool for your kitchen. Whether you are preparing a gourmet dinner or slicing hot dogs, this knife can do it all. The long 7 1/2 inch blade cuts clean through loaves of freshly baked bread without tearing the slices, or cuts through a pineapple with quick, clean movement. The super slim non-stick blade attaches to a rubber and plastic infused handle, providing a no-slip comfort grip and the bright colors make it a fun addition to your kitchen. This multipurpose knife can slice through breads, fruits and vegetables, meats, and just about anything that needs slicing. Then it goes straight to the dishwasher before being stored away in the slim protective sheath. The blade is nearly 7.5 inches, and the handle is five inches long, the perfect size for all your meal preparation needs. 

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