GEMACO “Suitable” Deck of Playing Card (2-Pack) Gift Set

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Welcome to the Gemaco Suitable Design 2 Deck Set. From the Dynamite Series by Gemaco, this set of plastic playing cards is designed to be more flexible. Included with this set: 2 decks of Poker size (3.5″ x 2.25″) regular index cards (1 red, 1 blue) and a storage case.

The Dynamite series is a new more flexible card designed to play more like Copag and Kem. If you like Copag and Kem plastic playing cards then you would also like Gemaco’s new Dynamite series.

Features Include:

  • Gemaco Suitable 100% Plastic Playing Cards – 2 Decks (1 red, 1 blue)
  • Quality 100% Plastic washable playing cards
  • Regular index
  • Excellent for Poker, Blackjack or many other casino games
  • Bridge Size
  • Clear Lucite storage case

Like KEM, Gemaco plastic playing cards are durable, washable, and scuff resistant. However, GEMACO cards last longer and shuffle better without the hassle of celluloid acetate. These are truly the best cards on the market! Each set is backed by GEMACO’s exceptional reputation and years of experience.

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