GAMURRY Car Windshield Snow Ice Cover – Item #5138

GAMURRY Car Windshield Snow Ice Cover – Item #5138

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GAMURRY Car Windshield Snow Ice Cover, Windshield Covers with 4 Layers of Protection and Magnetic Edges, Anti-Snow/Anti-Ice/Anti-Fog Thickened Snow Cover for Car, Suitable for Most Cars

  • ❄[Four-layer windshield snow cover]: The Car Windshield Snow Cover is made of 4 layers of high-quality materials (aluminum foil, cotton fabric, cotton, non-woven fabric). It is durable enough. And in winter to provide your vehicle with excellent snow, ice, frost, and water protection.
  • ❄ [Upgrade design]: GAMURRY brand car snow cover has improved wings, which is thinner than usual, will not cause gaps when closing the door, prevent ice and snow from entering, and will not freeze and block the wind even in -30°weather glass. On this basis, we have also added an anti-theft buckle device, which is also to prevent your snow cover from being blown away by the wind or being taken away by others. The unique three-section carabiner design provides better protection and safety.
  • ❄[Unique magnet and three-section carabiner fixation]: Our upgraded version of the snow cover is equipped with two powerful magnets on the upper and lower edges, a total of four, the magnetic force is stronger. Two elastic straps are hung on the rear-view mirror so that the snow cover and the windshield are perfectly combined. In addition, we have also designed two three-section carabiners, you can wrap this on your tire hub and use the carabiner to choose the most suitable position.
  • ❄ [Convenient installation and disassembly]: Easy to use.The windshield snow cover has two small wings. The wings are equipped with anti-theft buckles. You can clip them in the door and hang two elastic bands on the rearview mirror. Finally, wrap the three-section carabiner on the product around the hub of your wheel, and then use the carabiner to buckle one of the three most suitable buttons. When you want to remove the snow cover, unbutton it and open the door to remove it easily.
  • ❄ [The most suitable vehicle]: The size of our snow cover is 47.2 * 59 (120 * 150cm) inches. Suitable for most cars. For example, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, BMW all series, Toyota Corolla, Camry, RAV4, Honda Accord, Civic, CR-V, etc., suitable for cars with the longest side of the windshield within 47.2 * 59 inches. The snow ice cover protects the wiper from being exposed to the outside. Similarly, the innermost layer of the non-woven fabric will not scratch the windshield.

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