Gabor Fitness Contoured Neoprene 6″ Back Support Weight Lifting Belt – Assorted Sizes

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Gabor Fitness neoprene contoured weight lifting belt is the perfect belt for anyone looking for both support and mobility. The neoprene body is lightweight yet super-strong, an improvement over traditional leather. Belts. This moister belt’s contoured design provides back support where you need it most. Oversized Velcro strap keeps this belt tight throughout your workout. Small/medium: 29 – 34 in (74 – 86 cm)//large/X-large: 35 – 42 in (87 – 107 cm)//xx large: 42 – 48 in (106 – 122 cm).  Come in assorted sizes but can not guarantee how many of each size you will receive.

  • Super light-weight neoprene foam body allows for mobility
  • Contoured design for maximum abdominal and back support
  • Over-sized Velcro support strap keeps the belt tight
  • Roller buckle makes tightening belt easy
  • Comfortable inner-lining and durable outer-body, fully washable


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