Funukkah Hanukkah Boy & Girl Plush Kid Dolls

Funukkah Hanukkah Boy & Girl Plush Kid Dolls

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These Funukkah Hanukkah Dolls come assorted Boy & Girls and measure 13″ Long

The Funukkah Doll travels from the village of Funukkah to good girls and boys all over the world. They come before Hanukkah and spend all eight nights with your family to celebrate this special time of year.

The fun and magic begins when the child goes to bed the night before the first night of Hanukkah. The dolls are put to bed by their child at the child’s bedtime. While the child sleeps, the dolls “come to life” and (with a little help from the parents, of course) they “hide” in the home for the children to search for the next morning.

In the Funukkah Doll’s backpack, the child finds the Shamash candle (“magically” produced with a little help from a parent). If the child has been especially good and has followed all of the Funukkah rules, the child may also find a gift or that the doll has played a fun trick. This nightly routine repeats itself for all eight nights of Hanukkah.

Thus, every morning when the child finds their doll, they will get the Shamash candle for the lighting of the Menorah later that evening and whatever else the parent might want to give to celebrate the holiday together.

A few nights after Hanukkah is over the dolls must go home to prepare for next year’s Hanukkah. But don’t worry, they will come back every year to good girls and boys to celebrate Hanukkah again!

Each Funukkah Doll comes with a magical colorful backpack and a Stars of David pattern embroidered on their clothing.

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