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  • If you’re looking for vases for decor, you’re in luck! Our farmhouse vase is an excellent rustic home decor with its sleek, elegantly designed shape and rustic paint finish. These off-white vases for decor imbue a modern feel with the relaxing homestead vibe. Each ceramic vase comes with a twine. Use them depending on your personal taste and place them in your bedroom, kitchen, office, or bathroom.
  • Vases For Flowers – Got artificial plants or live greenery you want to display? Use our vases for decor and place your beloved plants alongside your farmhouse decorations. This rustic vase makes a beautiful rustic decor for living room along with the variety of plants you want to showcase. Each farmhouse vases for flowers will make an excellent modern farmhouse decoration that will catch all your visitor’s attention.
  • Rustic Home Decor – Use our off-white ceramic vase as coffee table decorations for living room or as a fireplace decor. The decorative vase’s minimalist design and timeless beauty allows it to adapt to modern and rustic aesthetic. If you’re looking for a farmhouse home decor that reflects your personality, these small vases will do the trick. Use the vases for flowers or as a tasteful ornament along with your mantel decorations.
  • Mantel Decor & Small Vases for Fireplace Decor – Use our rustic vase to spruce up your mantel or fireplace. Our modern farmhouse decorations will work great with the rest of your mantel or fireplace decor. Create eye-catching focal point in rooms by combining small and tall vases for decor living room floor. Place the off-white flower vase in cabinets and counter. If you feel like adding live plants, go ahead and arrange the flowers yourself!
  • Ceramic Vase – Add our beautiful vases for decor along with the rest of your farmhouse table decor. Breathe life to any room with stunning greenery. Pull all the stops and decorate spaces with our rustic decor for living room. Our rustic vase is perfect for creating asymmetrical arrangements. Include this off-white room decor in your home for a relaxing atmosphere that welcomes everyone with a calming mood.
The fundamentals of rustic-inspired design revolve in simple, coarse, yet strikingly beautiful materials. This movement makes use of nature’s inherent beauty without over complicating or filling your home with unnecessary clutter.
These ceramic vases for flowers work great in homes with a rustic and vintage motif. Our decorative vase features an exquisite and plain finish. They also come with twine. Tie a simple not around the vases to give them a rustic style.
Do you a garden in your home with various species of colorful flowers? It will be a shame if you hide their beauty from the world. Let our white flower vase be your greenery’s new home. The white ceramic vase’s muted color accentuates the vibrant colors and verdant leaves of your plants.
The varying heights of the vases contribute to the visual interest that piques the attention of observers. The vase goes along well with accessories or ornaments because of its simple design.
These white vases for decor feature a neutral color, making them an ideal choice for homes with a minimalist motif. Our rustic decor for the living room’s elegant design and rustic pain allows our ceramic vases to complement living rooms with patterns, textiles, and natural wood.
These white vases for decor shine when placed beside reclaimed bed frames and tables. The sleek exterior of the vase highlights the natural lines and patterns of your furniture’s authentic timber.



Each set of our white vases for flowers includes three ceramic vases of varying heights. The tallest one measures 14 x 7.6 cm. The medium-sized decorative vase is 11.4 cm tall and 8.9 cm wide. The smallest ceramic vase measures 7.6 cm x 7.6 cm.

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