Floppets Petlets – Collectible Wearable Pets – Attach to Flip Flops, Back Packs, Shoe Laces, fingers, and more

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– Floppets are wearable, connectable, collectable charms that “Go ‘Wear’ YOU Go”!
– Each Floppet has a versatile and reversible Velcro tether and connector.
– This patent pending system allows Floppets to adorn anything: shoes, flip flops, backpacks, notebooks, pencils, watches, bracelets, lanyards, sun glasses, and more!
– Floppets can be linked together by simply connecting their tethers, creating instant wrist bands, rings, anklets, and necklaces.
– There is no limit to the creative and unique ways for everyone to express themselves with Floppets.
– Enjoy collecting, sharing, trading, and gifting the cool and fun Floppet characters from Floptopia as well as some of your favorite Disney, Marvel, Veggie Tales, and Major League Baseball characters.
– Comes 36 Assorted Petlets/Counter Display. Each display includes a different random mix of Petlet Floppets. Try to collect all 24 Petlets!
– Ages 4+

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