Fitness Master – Exercise Yoga & Pilates Ball – Anti Burst with Pump – 55 cm

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Now is the time to take your fitness training to the next level! Fitness 360 is designed to improve your core strength, body posture, balance and overall agility.

– HEAVY DUTY EXERCISE BALL – Fitness 360 is meticulously made of professional grade Anti-Burst , Anti-Slip, Phthalate Free Material, providing athletes with the ultimate support and durability.

– ACCELERATE YOUR CORE WORKOUT – Fitness 360 is perfect for Athletes

– Men – Women looking to gain killer 6-pack abs, strengthen the abdominal, thigh muscles, fix back problems and gain a more functional core.

– PERFECT FOR EVERYONE – Fitness 360 comes with size options of 55cm (5′ 6″ and under). It can be used at the gym, work office or classroom as substitute desk chair to maximise your workout and AB training performance.

– Comes with a pump

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