Fitaire Premium Copper Elbow Compression Sleeve – Medium Size Only

Fitaire Premium Copper Elbow Compression Sleeve – Medium Size Only

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Come in assorted Sizes Medium and XL.  You will receive sizes Medium and XL

Do you often feel pain in your elbow joints and muscles while playing tennis, golf or any other sports? Or

Do you engage in activities like weight lifting, rigorous workouts, or Carpentry, Knitting, Typing, Painting, Auto Repair etc. – anything that puts stress on your elbow joints?

Well, then it is time you start taking care of your elbow joints – because preventative defense is always better than cure.

Fitaire Elbow Compression Sleeves provide you an easy and effective way to take care of your elbow joints and are loved industry wide for the many benefits that these offer:

✔ Protect your elbow joints from injury and support them effectively
✔ Graduated Compression – ensures right pressure for different points
✔ Do not restrict any movement of elbow joints
✔ Provide a warm environment, improve blood circulation and help recover faster
✔ Non-Slip Design – the cuffs prevent the sleeves from slipping off
✔ Premium Blend Material – made up of 88% copper infused nylon material and 12% spandex
✔ High Quality Material ensures no itching or irritation
✔ High Moisture Wicking – keep your elbows dry and provide maximum comfort
✔ Anti Odour – high copper content discourages growth of odour causing bacteria
✔ Durable – easily survives repeat every day usage
✔ Easy to clean – hand or machine wash

  • KEEP YOUR ELBOW JOINTS STRONG – Defend your elbow joints from injury during weight lifting, tennis, golf and provide your joints the required support during injury. Fitaire Compression Elbow Sleeves prove to be an effective way to take care of your elbow joints.
  • RIGHT COMPRESSION AND QUICK RECOVERY – The graduated compression ensures that sleeves provide more compression in the upper forearm area to effectively alleviate elbow pain. The warmth provided by the material and the right amount of compression improves the blood circulation and thus provides an environment conducive for faster recovery from pain and fatigue. Refer to image 5 to determine which size will be your perfect fit.
  • NON-SLIP WITH FREE MOVEMENT – The sleeves have non-slip cuffs, unlike traditional tennis elbow sleeves, which prevent the sleeves from slipping off your elbow during any movement, thus maintaining the functional effectiveness without causing annoyance. Though the sleeves apply compression, they do not in any way restrict your motion and allow a full range of free movements at your elbow joint. So, you can be sure that your performance is only going to get better.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY – Fitaire elbow sleeves are made up of 88% copper infused nylon material and 12% spandex, a blend that makes the fabric feel comfortable and soft, and imparts it high moisture wicking character – thus keeping your elbows always dry in a positive way. The higher copper content also makes it an odour resistant material which performs far better than ordinary fabrics.

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