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Enjoy splashing on the water without getting wet.  Experience the underwater seascape anytime and anywhere! Let your babies have the 5 benefits of Finest water playmat while splashing the sea world and tapping their colorful sea creatures friends.

  •  Stimulates Growth – Finest Water Play Mat is an essential tool to help your baby grow into a strong, healthy toddler. This water play mat has a wonderful bright colorful underwater seascape and has 6 cute floating toys inside so your baby can have a fun, entertaining and stimulating tummy-time while developing his/her core strength and motor skills such as reaching, rolling over, and crawling. This will also help promotes balance and hand-eye coordination.
  •  Easy to Use and Portable – The fun activity is ready in no time! Simply inflate it, fill with water, and your baby is ready fun and developmental activity. After use, you can just empty the mat, fold it or roll it up, and pack to your purse or toy bags to bring along anywhere you go!
  •  Safety Playtime – This water play mat has small floating toys inside the enclosed water portion that are colorful and appear to be moving, so your baby will experience the water fun without getting wet! Your baby can have fun squeezing, squishing and tapping the mat to move the floating toys around without making a mess because it is leak proof.
  •  Unique Gift – It can be tough deciding what gift to buy for a baby shower. Choose a gift that encourages baby’s natural curiosity while helping them develops their fine motor skills and core strength. Finest Water Play Mat is a unique and budget-friendly baby shower gift that you can give to your soon-to-be parent friend.
  •  Premium Quality and Safe Material – Finest Water Play mat is constructed from Non -Toxic and heavy-duty PVC. This material is durable, safe and healthy that has been thoroughly tested to provide care for your babies. This product is also environmentally friendly, 100% BPA-Free and CPSC approved.

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