Extra Heavy Duty 25 Sq. Ft. BBQ Grilling Vented with Holes Aluminum Foil

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This vented aluminum foil provides you with the ultimate grilling experience by eliminated the clean-up process and providing a perforated/holed/vented foil that can eliminate flame flare ups and harmful gasses.  Provides a a non-stick grilling process for veggies, seafood and all meats especially Ribs and BBQ chicken which is a real plus. Be sure when using this grill foil that you put the DULL SIDE UP which is the coated side, this will keep your food from sticking.

You can use the foil to also Steam shrimp and vegetables on the stove, smoke food in the oven, strain, and create vented BBQ pouches, or cover your air fryer containers prior to use. Keep extra in your pantry as it makes the perfect gift for Dad and any other men and or women in your life who love to use backyard grill!

  • Each roll includes 25 sq. ft of foil
  • Vented with holes
  • Non-Stick
  • Blocks Harmful Gasses
  • easy Clean up
  • Extra Heavy Duty

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Weight 34 lbs