Era Outfitters 5-Piece Massage Ball & Resistance Band Set

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Our highest quality massage ball set is the perfect reflexology kit for fitness junkies. This trigger point release kit is recommended by doctors and chiropractors all across the industry. The premium set offers a deep tissue massage and physical therapy for your tight muscles.

Self-Massage Set for Relaxing After a Long Workout

• Restores plantar fasciitis. • Increases flexibility and Mobility and range of motion. • Perfect for pre and post workouts. • Prevents pulled muscles and injuries during workouts. • Enhances deep tissue massage for maximum performance.


The massage roller ball enhances relief with a smooth action along your skin. Ideal for tight muscles and trigger point release. Portable and easy to use the perfect tool to add to your routine.


The peanut ball or commonly known as the double lacrosse ball, is a perfect myofascial release tool. Use the single lacrosse ball to roll out tight shoulders and calves for peak performance.


This premium roller has comfort grip handles and individual flowing gears to massage your body to the fullest. To prevent injuries and maximize your potential, roll out pre and post workout to increase circulation/mobility.

  • PREMIUM & HIGHEST QUALITY MASSAGE BALL KIT – This 5 in 1 massage ball set is designed for fitness junkies seeking for a deep tissue massage and a myofascial trigger point release. This assortment includes a large massage stick (18″), a smooth lacrosse ball (2.5″), a peanut ball (2.5″), a spiky ball (3″) and a complimentary set of stretching bands for those tight hamstrings.
  • COUNTER UNWANTED INJURIES & SPEED RECOVERY – Utilize these massage balls, massage stick and stretching bands to increase blood flow, diminish tightness, knots in muscles, increase mobility, enhance flexibility and greater your range of motion. Ideal tools for pre and post workout for yoga, powerlifting, crossfit and any physical activity.
  • EFFORTLESS MECHANICS & EASY TO USE – Directly lean your body weight on the floor or wall to revive tight muscles all while relieve tension throughout your muscles. Use our complimentary eBook to guide and loosen your body.
  • APPROVED BY INDUSTRY LEADING PROFESSIONALS – This massage balls kit is accepted by the top physical therapists and doctors. Chosen to help their patients achieve healthy and secure muscles. Use the most recommended tools set for relieving your most unwanted pain.

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