Entire Shield Fireproof Document Bag – Fire & Water Resistant Document Holder 14.8″ x 11″

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This fire-resistant bag features the latest innovation fiberglass coated with silicone. This combination of materials gives its content water and fire protection up to 1,832F.

Reinforced by strong metal zippers with hook-and-loop closure and fire-retardant stitching along its seams makes this bag, both fire and water-resistant.

The material from which this bag is made is odorless and will not irritate your skin at all offering you a smooth and nice feeling while its nondescript black color gives it the added benefit of being relatively anonymous and inconspicuous.

A portable alternative or supplement to a fire safe box. Easily fits in the fireproof cash boxes or cabinets. Ensures a practical solution for emergencies!

  • FIRE AND WATER-RESISTANT: The Entire Shield fireproof money bag boasts a tremendously high heat resistance of 1,832-degrees Fahrenheit. Not only will your personal belongings be safe during a fire, but they will also be protected from water damage, which makes them ideal to own if you live in a high flood area. Transporting your valuables while traveling and being caught in a downpour can also damage what’s inside your bag, so this water resistance is doubly useful
  • HIGH TECH MATERIALS: The Entire Shield fireproof document bags are made of top-quality fiberglass, coated with silicone both on the interior and exterior. The materials of the bag are environmental-friendly and wouldn’t cause any sort of allergies due to the components it is made of. Also, you shouldn’t have to worry about any itching when you’re using it because of the high-end construction combined with the silicone lining that won’t irritate your hands
  • IDEAL DIMENSIONS: It’s 14.8” x 11” size allows you to fit large A4 documents without having to bend or fold them. The storage space is enough for any important document that you can’t easily replace. If you want the best protection for your property deeds, birth certificates, cash, photos, jewelry, passports, credit cards, and even a laptop, this fireproof bag is for you; Get it right now and get rid of worries…or sorrows
  • DOUBLE CLOSURE SYSTEM: Our waterproof document holder not only contains two fireproof zippers, which will add extra safety, but it also has a hook-and-loop fastener featuring a two-stage closure system for increased protection from water. The Entire Shield bag also uses double sewing threads for increased protection which gives the bag an elegant look and a versatile usage so you can keep it in your home, office or car without worrying for your valuables
  • RELIABLE: This fireproof bag is lightweight, so it is easy to carry and transport in case of an emergency when you have to leave the vicinity quickly. Whether you have legal documents, money, passports, laptop, think about it. Is it worth exposing your valuables to the threat of being completely damaged by fire? Who doesn’t want a good night sleep? Protect now your precious belongings


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