Edu-petit Teddy Bobos Big Learning Book Developmental Toy

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Teddy Bobo’s Big Learning Book is a soft cloth book. It measures 10″x10″, has 6 pages and a velcro closure. It covers 4 areas of learning; Colors and shapes, numbers, first words, and opposites. On pages 1 and 2 Teddy Bobo’s rides a train as your child learns about shapes and colors. Cute peek a boo cut outs engage your child as they flip them to reveal what is beneath. The next page takes Bobo under the sea as you count starfish, sea horses, crabs and fishes. Crinkley flip down tabs engage the senses with sound and texture as your child discovers what is hidden. Then on to the farm as you learn simple words like dog, duck, sheep, cat, barn and more. Have special fun as the fish leaps from the pond. Bobo finishes this learning adventure with a trip to the jungle. Learning opposites from the jungle animals like tall and short, few and many, fast and slow and up and down as you help the monkey climb the tree.

  • Cloth book teaching colors, shapes, numbers, sight words, opposites
  • Mirror, crinkle pages, flip pieces
  • Great first book

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