Drip Clip Dip Stick Wiper with Magnet



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Drip Clip Dip Stick Wiper with Magnet

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DripClip™ is a clean and easy way to check fluid levels on dip sticks. Holding the dip stick in one hand and the DripClip in the other, place the dip stick between the absorbent pads. Squeeze the pads against the dip stick and wipe clean. DripClip is a unique car accessory contoured for man or woman’s hand.

  • 2 absorbent pads

  • Steel spring

  • High impact ABS plastic

  • Clamps on hoses, tubes, or cables

  • Strong magnet

  • Come in 6 great DripClip colors

  • UPC Code 850084 00801 6

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Weight9 lbs