DG Sports – Bulk Pack of 567 Piece Glow Stick Set with Connectors – Only $8.00/Set

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  •  More than enough for every kid and adult at your next big event! This gigantic pack of glowsticks and connectors set has 250 glow sticks, 250 bracelet connectors and 67 other connectors! Amazing value pack of glowsticks will have everyone hyped up and having a blast.
  •  LIGHT UP PARTY SUPPLIES FOR EPIC PICTURES – These glow in the dark light sticks can be made into funky necklaces, bracelets or just waved around for fun light effects in the dark. Take the most epic nighttime shots with these cool glow stick accessories lighting up the night.
  •  LONG LASTING GLOWING STICKS FOR ALL NIGHT FUN – The glow from these sticks will last anywhere between 8- 12 hours. Just crack the sticks to activate them and use them throughout the entire party. Enjoy the glowstick magic even if you’re celebrating till the sun rises!
  • GET CREATIVE AND CREATE YOUR OWN GLOW IN THE DARK DESIGNS – Kids and adults will have an awesome time building their own colorful glow stick designs. Make some flowers, glasses, balls, bracelets, and necklaces or anything else that people want to make using the various connectors that come in the pack. Building instructions are included.
  • PERFECT PARTY SUPPLIES FOR ANY PARTY OR FESTIVAL – Birthday parties, Christmas/Hanukah parties, concerts, festivals, raves Bar Mitzvahs, New Year’s parties, weddings, camping trips or slumber parties are the perfect place to use these glow sticks. These glow sticks are safe for children above the age of 3.

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