Dash Beauty Heated Eyelash Curler Set with Mini Lash Curler

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  •  DASH HEATED EYELASH CURLER:  This eyelash comb heats and curls eyelashes without any damage. It has an LCD display showing the temperature and battery life.
  •  FAST, EASY AND EFFECTIVE: The electric lash curler heats up quickly and has a long lasting effect. Its 360° spriral head covers all lashes for a long-lasting curl. Curl lashes in shorter time and enjoy beautiful lashes all day.
  •  PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: The slim, portable heated eyelash curler has the latest design. Its anti-scald comb is well-spaced to separate lashes but won’t burn them. Its long lasting battery can be recharged with the USB port.
  •  EASY TO USE: Just apply mascara. Then preheat the electric eyelash curler and then curl from the root. Next, style the lash with more upward curling (topside and bottom side of lashes). Finally rotate the lash curler on the ends of the lashes to create the final curl.

What’s Included:

2019 heated eyelash curler best seller:

✔ Extra manual lash curler (included)

✔ Rechargable with USB cable (included)

✔ Brush to clean groves (included)

✔ Protective cap to keep device clean

✔ LCD Display showing the temperature and battery

✔ Slim design and lightweight

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