Crayons In Bulk 2-Pack (Red, Yellow, Blue & Green)

Crayons In Bulk 2-Pack (Red, Yellow, Blue & Green)

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H&J Closeouts is offering the best value of crayons in bulk on the market today. Our 2-pack crayons come in packs of Red/Yellow and Blue/Green. We’ll receive an even number of each color crayon.  These crayons were made for a major restaurant chain and say “I wanna go to Friendly’s”. These crayons are standard size measuring at 3 inches long.

Perfect Crayons In Bulk At Extremely Low Closeout Prices

This is truly an amazing deal of crayons in bulk coming in at 504 crayons that will keep kids drawing for months to come. The packaging makes it easy to throw them in any bag without a mess. Even passing them out to other children without worrying about the mess or sharing.

These crayons are perfect for any classroom needing crayons for coloring time. This deal can make supplying any classroom of crayons not only affordable but easy with our free shipping policy.

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