Cool Head™ Refillable Beach Water Pillow – Pink

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Keep your head cool while at the beach or lounging in your backyard with the Cool Head™ Refillable Beach Pillow. Simply fill the pillow about halfway with cool, refreshing water and securely close the opening. With a built in handle, you can easily carry the pillow to you resting place and release any access water or air for maximum comfort. When the pillow no longer provides adequate coolness, simply empty the pillow and repeat the simple process. Roll the pillow up for storage and transport and bring it anywhere you would like to keep a cool head in the heat.

  • Great for the beach or backyard
  • Fill from any water source
  • Built in handle to carry full pillow with ease
  • Simply refill to keep pillow cool
  • Roll up pillow for storage and transport
  • Can also be filled with air
  • Measures approximately 22″ x 13″

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Weight 10 lbs