ConservCo Fun & Adorable Bath & Shower Wand for Kids – Froggie the Frog

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Froggie the Frog: Part of our Rubber Duckie & Friends line of bath sprayers!  
If your kids make a fuss at bath time, or if you use a cup or dunk their heads under water (or under the tub spout) to rinse shampoo out of their hair, then Rubber Duckie & Friends will save you hours of anguish and your kids all the tears and trauma of taking a bath. Rubber Duckie & Friends bath and shower wands are designed to make bath time fun. And, if you have older children that you want to transition out of the tub and into the shower, then Rubber Duckie & Friends is for you.

Froggie the Frog is a handheld shower head fashioned in the shape of a loveable rubber duck. It is a complete kit to help you bathe infants and toddlers in the tub and for your older kids to shower with. The kit includes the spray wand, a mount to hold the wand, 6-foot hose, and 2-way water flow diverter. Rubber suction cups on the mount and the extra-long hose make Duckie completely movable anywhere in the tub or shower. The diverter lets you switch water from a fixed shower head to the child’s spray wand.

Made in China entirely of durable ABS plastic. Follow the directions in the box.

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Handheld showerhead kit for children – Froggie the Frog – Kit includes adorable handheld character showerhead, movable showerhead mount with rubber suction cups, 6-foot white plastic hose, 2-way ABS diverter, plumber’s tape.

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