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The KF-5899 Hair dryer provides customizable temperature control for fast drying and evenly distributing heat. The 8ft long power cord will allow you to dry yourself and others without being constrained by the power cord length. It has all the top safety features like a ALCI plug and auto shut-off so that you can style with peace of mind. It comes bundled with both wide and narrow concentrator nozzles and a detangling comb nozzle.

1875 watt powerful AC motor and 7-blade fan blow strong airflow to dry hair much faster than conventional hair dryers. The power of the motor has been fine-tuned by our engineers for optimal balance between air flow and temperature, vital for drying speed and successful styling.

  • Infrared band resonates with water molecules and makes the water on your hair heat up and evaporate quicker, so the drying process will be up to 50% easier and faster.
  • Negative ions neutralizes the static electricity on the surface of the hair, reduce the adsorption of dust, lock the moisture, and make the hair show the beauty of maximum shine.
  • 1875-watt heat system and powerful AC motor blow strong airflow to fast dry your hair in a few minutes, save you time in a hurry morning.
  • 2 Heat / 2 Speed Settings and Cool Shot Button provide maximum control for complete drying and styling with flexibility.
  • Package Includes: 1 x professional hair dryer; 1 x Instruction manual; 1 x Concentrator Nozzle; 1 x Diffuser; 1 x Comb Attachment.

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