Cone of Treats, Dog Interactive Treat Rubber Toy

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The Adog Cone of Treats Dog Chew Toy is a durable, non-toxic chew toy for small or medium sized dogs. This toy is great for games such as fetch, tug-of-war and chewing. It features a hollowed out area to fit small pieces of treats inside the toy to keep the dog busy for hours. The toy also massages the gums, cleans the teeth and exercises the jaw while the dog plays and chews on the toy.

  • Durable, non-toxic chew toy that is ideal for small to medium sized dogs
  • Add pieces of treats to the bone to keep your dog busy for hours
  • Little nubs on the bone help to massage gums, clean teeth and exercise jaws
  • Great toy for fetch, tug-of-war and chewing
  • Recommended for small dogs under 20-pounds only

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