Concealed Design Conceal & Carry Long Sleeve Shirt – Navy – Original Retail $69.95 Each

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Comes in assorted adult size Medium-2XL.  Can not guarantee how many of each size you will receive.


  • It comes in many sizes Medium through 2 XLarge in long sleeve only.
  • It’s ambidextrous and can be worn by both right and left handers.
  • Wear your favorite holster with your preferred firearm.
  • It can be worn with tails tucked in (for a more dressy appearance) or tails out (for a casual look).
  • …and it can also be used as a customized uniform shirt.

Concealed Designs is ideal for:

  • Undercover
  • Off-duty law enforcement
  • Concealed carry permit holders
  • Security personnel
  • Dignitary / VIP protection
  • Military / Government
As with most law enforcement professionals I need to carry a weapon. The problem I have had, as with other people who carry a concealed weapon- is that there wasn’t a solution to the challenges of finding a shirt that would allow me to carry a concealed weapon, access it quickly, and be comfortable.

The Product

The obvious marketing differentiation for this shirt is the long-sleeve tailored style, but in itself, is not compelling. There are two other characteristics of the shirts that you may not find elsewhere unless you want to look like you’re carrying.
• The Snap System
• The Access Points
The story about the shirts begins with the easy to separate durable plastic snaps. These snaps are a superior solution to the problem of keeping the access points closed while allowing low stress entry.
“Speed Snaps keep your weapon concealed and FLY OUT OF YOUR WAY when it’s time for action!”
There are three access points which count for everything in the flexibility in the carrier’s preferences of holster. Unlike other options in the market, Concealed Designs’ shirts do not dictate the position of the holster.
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