Compact Powerful Waterproof Binoculars – 10x Magnification – Black

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They are perfect for any time you need to see from afar. Whether you are into bird watching, concerts, traveling, hunting, hiking, operas, or anything of the like, these binoculars will seamlessly fit right into your lifestyle. They also come with a carrying case for protective storage and a lanyard to keep you hands-free!

  •  COMPACT BINOCULARS: Simple to store, small, lightweight, perfect for traveling, and fit comfortably in one hand.
  •  HIGH QUALITY: Powerful binoculars that deliver 10X magnification and built with water resistant, durable materials that last.
  •  BINOCULARS FOR ADULTS AND KIDS: These compact binoculars for kids and adults have 22mm lenses – perfect size for both.
  •  COMFORTABLE: These small binoculars are designed with comfortable eye pieces that fit the face nicely and are easy to adjust.
  •  EASY TO USE: Easy to hold, easy to maneuver, easy to widen, and easy to zoom in and out. THEY’RE EASY BABY!!!

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