Collini Luxury – Airtight Cold Brew Iced/Hot Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser

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Cold brewing causes less oxidation making coffee less acidic and smoother in taste than traditional hot brewing. This provides you with a purer, healthier coffee concentrate.

Designed for the ultimate cold-brewing experience, our dishwasher-safe, BPA-free Collini Cold Brewer locks freshness and flavor for up to 2 weeks within durable borosilicate glass for maximum temperature stability. Flexible for brewing hot or cold, tea or coffee, within a sleek design engineered to fit perfectly in your fridge.

What Makes COLLINI Different

1. BPA – Free Silicone makes true air-tight seal to ensure fresheness for up to TWO weeks and keep out any stray odors from the fridge.

2. 18/8 stainless steel ultra fine filter. We sought the finest filter on the market to ensure a grind free brew.

3. Every aspect of the COLLINI cold brewer is dishwasher safe.

4. Easy pour handle and spout for the perfect pour every time.

5. Designed to fit perfectly in your fridge door or on your fridge shelf.

  • ➤ SMOOTHER COFFEE, EVERY TIME: Cold brewing causes less oxidation than hot brewing creating less acidity and a much smoother taste. Our cold brewer capitalizes on this fact to extract a purer coffee concentrate which can be mixed with hot or cold water or milk to create your perfect cup of coffee.
  • ➤ EASY STORAGE & DISHWASHER SAFE: Our COLLINI cold brewer is designed to fit perfectly within the door of your fridge or your shelf. Easy-access handle, and no-spillage, leak-proof lid makes professional-quality brewing easy: just mix and pour. For easy cleaning all components of the brewer are dishwasher safe.
  • ➤ ICED & HOT TEA & HOT COFFEE COMPATIBLE: Great for loose-leaf tea, tea bags, and hot brew coffee. You can brew it hot like a traditional tea/coffee pot or brew it cold in the fridge.
  • ➤ TRUE AIR-TIGHT DESIGN: Locks freshness & flavor for up to 2 weeks. Our cold brew maker is equipped with a BPA-free silicon airtight seal that slows oxidation and protects your brew from fridge odors and 18/8 rust-free ultra-fine stainless steel filter & cap, and scientific grade borosilicate glass for use with hot and cold temperatures and to prevent breakage.

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