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  • CUT ONIONS WITH EASE: These unique tear-free glasses promote safe food preparation and cooking eliminating smoke, embers, steam and onion and pepper fumes that cause eye irritation.
  • CRY NO MORE: No more tears! the comfortable foam seal blocks out irritating vapors and the slightly tinted and fog-free lenses add to the maximum clarity of the goggles.
  • MULTIPLE USES: These multi functional goggles can be used for yard work, bike riding, skiing and for dry eye as well!
  • QUALITY FOR YOUR KITCHEN: The comfortable unisex patented design fits snugly on most face shapes. Measures 6 inches by 2-1/3-inches by 2 inches. Will not fit over eyeglasses.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Wipe goggles clean with a clean lint free cloth.

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