CleanDell 15’Pilates Ring Set – Includes Yoga Fitness Circle, Resistance Loop Exercise Band, Pilates Ball, & Stretch Strap

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Pilates Ring with 360 degree grip, 15 inch ring diameter, offers a full body workout for toning, sculpting and improving strength and flexibility of your core muscles: arms, abs, chest, thighs, hips, hamstrings and glutes with optimal resistance. It is made of high quality fiber glass material covered by rubber maintaining its resistance and shape even after extensive use. Thanks to the light material and the padded dual grip 360 degree handles you will have optimal comfort for all positions. If you’re new to pilates ring workouts, you can follow the workouts recommendations in the workout guide that comes along with the ring to get you started. This ring is an upgraded version of the traditionally known Magic Circle.
Yoga Stretching Strap is a fantastic tool that makes stretching easier; soothing any muscle tension or tightness you might feel. Helping your body to return to a healthy posture, this stretch belt it’s very good for post-workout recovery as well.
Give them a try and see what they do for your workout recovery and flexibility!

Package Includes:
1* Pilates Ring
1* Yoga Ball
1* Resisance Loop Band
1* Multiple Grip Loops

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