BzzzKill Electric Mosquito Racket – Battery Operated 2500 Volt

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Time with family and friends is limited. Why let mosquitoes and other annoying bugs spoil the fun? The BzzzKill Electric Mosquito Racket offers the perfect solution: pest control in the palm of your hand.
This AA battery-operated electric bug swatter is the ultimate indoor / outdoor weapon for all occasions. No more toxic sprays, greasy lotions, or smelly fumes. Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, the BzzzKill hand-held racket is the perfect companion to keep you safe from mosquitos and other flying insects all year long.
No matter how you look at it, most people will agree on one thing: mosquitoes are a menace! What’s worse, the problem seems to get worse every year. Itchy skin, nasty welts, deadly viruses… The list goes on and you can be sure that you don’t want any of it! The BzzzKill bug zapper is your first line of defense against mosquitoes, flies and other unwanted winged pests.
So stop being victimized and start attacking! The BzzzKill Electric Mosquito Racket: from bedrooms to backyard barbecues, the BzzzKill beats back bothersome bugs before they bite you! Get yours today!

  • MOSQUITO FREE — Let’s be honest about something. NO ONE likes mosquitos. Whether it’s a cookout with friends, a movie at home, or the middle of a good night’s sleep, they strike at the worst of times and always ruin the fun. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With the BzzzKill Electric Mosquito Racket, you can now take the fight to them!
  • IT JUST WORKS — Is there anything worse than actually finding the mosquito that has been bothering you, following it, going in for the kill and….missing it?!?! With the BzzzKill mosquito swatter that problem is a thing of the past. One swat, one hit, one kill. Every time! Bye bye bugs.
  • SAFETY FIRST — Have you ever gotten shocked with 2500 volts of electricity? Trust us, it ain’t much fun! With the BzzzKill fly swatter you need not worry. A safety net protects you and your loved ones from accidental shocks, even when the racket is on. Good news for you! Bad news for bugs!
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