Bottle Brush Set of 3 Natural Boar Bristle Brushes, with Soft Tip – Only $5.00/Set

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  • SET OF THREE 15 INCH LONG BOAR BRISTLE BRUSHES WITH SOFT TIP. Three diameters of large, medium and small. RUST RESISTANT stainless steel 9 inch wire handles with loop to hang on hook STRONG BUT FLEXIBLE. No plastic, no mould, eco friendly. BPA free. They’ll last a lifetime.
  • NATURAL BOAR BRISTLES WILL CLEAN WITHOUT SCRATCHING. The large brush gives you cleaner, healthier sports and water bottles. The medium brush is perfect for baby milk bottles and juicers. The small brush will gently clean delicate wine flutes and test tubes. A bottle brush for any item: cup, decanter, vase, wine glasses, crystal, thermos flask, coffee carafe and pots.
  • THE SOFT FLUFFY TIP WILL GET TO HARD TO REACH CORNERS. Gentle enough for your crystal and stemware. You will love the versatility of each soft tipped brush, great for cleaning residue and stubborn stains. Great bottle cleaner.
  • LARGE BRUSH head diameter 1.8 inches. MEDIUM BRUSH head diameter 1.2 inches. SMALL BRUSH head diameter 0.8 inches. All brush are 15 inches long. The large and medium boar bristle brushes have stainless steel handles that are 0.2 inches in diameter so are strong with a moderate amount of flexibility.The small boar bristle brush has a stainless steel handle that is 0.12 inches in diameter so is a lot more flexible. See Product Description below for full sizing details.

Great for Water bottles & Thermos flasks, Baby bottles, Smoothie shakers , Juicers & Blenders, Glassware, best Crystal & China, Glass bottles & Vases, Hummingbird feeders, Flasks, Cocktail shaker & Decanters, Pitchers & Tumblers, Craft tools. The list goes on…

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