Blue Wave Sun Fish Solar Floating Pool Light – Item #NA4177

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Enjoy night time swims in style all season long with the Sun Fish solar floating pool light. This fun little clownfish not only has the unique ability to absorb the sun’s rays during the day and function as a pool light at night, but it projects a mirror image of itself on the bottom of the pool along with the distinct illumination. Powerful LED bulbs generate the image and light for up to 3 hours on a full charge in the day’s sun. Recommended for above ground pools up to 24-ft round, this Sun fish is easily portable and will provide excitement during night time swims all summer long.

  • Floating buoy style light
  • Multi section solar panels charge interior power cell
  • LED lights housed within generate and project image
  • Up to 3 hours of illumination with full charge
  • Recommended for above ground pools up to 24 ft round
  • Light and portable design

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Weight 15 lbs