BedShield -Bed Bug Dust Mite Anti- Allergen Waterproof Full XL Mattress Cover

BedShield -Bed Bug Dust Mite Anti- Allergen Waterproof Full XL Mattress Cover

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Bed Bug Dust Mite Anti- Allergen Waterproof Cover Protector – Full XL Size
This fits a mattress measuring (80″L x 54″W) Fits Depth of 12″ – 14″
Bed Bug Infestations
Beds offer the perfect harborage for bed bugs. This is especially true of box springs, as they provide optimum hiding spaces for bed bugs to hide within the frame. BedShield TM’s encasements prevent bed bugs and eggs from penetrating a mattress or box spring. A previously infested mattress can also be covered. Bed bugs and eggs are trapped inside and die because they no longer have a human food source to feed upon. Our encasements are soft and comfortable; yet bite-proof and escape proof. In addition, the encasement allows for quicker detection should bed bugs occur or reoccur. Once an encasement is on, the bed bug movement is completely restricted to exposed surfaces where they are easily detected during inspections.
BedShield TM Allergen Barrier
Living inside of our mattresses and box springs are dust mites, pollen, molds, pet dander and dust. They cause allergy symptoms such as stuffiness, sneezing, running nose and itchy eyes. BedShield TM encasements provide protection necessary for allergy relief from mattress intruders.

Breathable Barrier Fabric
Air permeability is a key factor in comfort and satisfaction. If the material is not breathable, the body will not be able to breath through the protector and you will become overly warm and uncomfortable. BedShield’s fabrics are custom woven, smooth and comfortable.
Easy Care and Application
BedShield TM  products are machine washable in warm or hot water with other linens. Tumble dry on medium heat. Do not dry clean or bleach

  • Complete Versafit™ Encasement
  • Depthflex™ Technology
  • Bed Bug Protection
  • SecureLock™ (3-sided) Zipper System
  • ShieldGuard™ Fabric
  • Anti Allergen
  • Breathable
  • Soft Sleep Surface
  • 100% Polyester
  • Water Resistant
  • Mattress Stain Resistant

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Weight 15 lbs