Bakers Select Industrial Grade Cooking 10″ Springfrom Double Base Pan – Bakeware – #746

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Dimensions-   10.00″(Diameter) x  3.50″(Deep)

The springform pan with a double base is the ideal pan for those who love to bake. This amazing pan features three pieces: the round side with the release mechanism which will, when unlocked, release and slip away from even the hardest to remove cheesecakes and baked goods, and two bases give bakers the flexibility to create a flat bottomed dish or simply insert the fluted tube base to create stunningly beautiful pound cakes and other dense desserts. Enjoy the convenience of baking tools and equipmentthat make cooking easier! These fabulous double base springform pans are the perfect addition to bakeware setsand you can buy baking pans onlinewith confidence from our secure Internet store. Ideal as a gift, these highly functional pans are a great pan to have on hand when making many different dishes.

  • Springform pan with double base is made from heavy gauge metal for a lifetime of use
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
  • Quality non-stick coating makes releasing baked goods even easier
  • Choose between bases for even more versatility
  • Industrial quality makes this pan perfect for both home and professional kitchens

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Weight 15 lbs