AVARUN Unisex Knee Compression Sleeve Brace for Support and Joint/Pain Relief – Assorted Sizes

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You will receive an assortment of sizes including Small, Medium, Large and XL.  See size chart below

  • PAIN RELIEF: AVARUN Knee Sleeve provides support and compression on your knee, so it has well benefits on your joint pain or injury recovery. Also, enhanced blood circulation is a plus for this knee brace compression.
  • SPORTS USE: Because of its look and feel, AVARUN Knee Sleeve can be used in many sports for support and compression, like: running, basketball, volleyball, jogging, workout. It is excellent for men and women and can be worn all time, including night.
  • COMFORTABLE AND EXCELLENT LOOK: This knee brace has anti-slip texture and is made to match exact needs for protection with a good quality of design, making it perfect for wearing anytime! Breathable and elastic knee pad for your knee support.
  • MOBILITY: With AVARUN Knee Sleeve, your knee mobility is at highest point, just like your knee protection. No need to worry about movement during sports. Also, recovery or joint pain will be exactly like you want.
  • FULL PROTECTION: Recover faster with AVARUN Knee Brace, adjusting support on your knee, meniscus and tendonitis, in order to feel safe and make movements with greatest of ease. No signs of discomfort or no irritating tags on this knee sleeve, so your knee compression will be achieved in no time.

Size chart:
Size S: 10.5” – 14.5”
Size M: 15” – 17,5”
Size L: 18” – 19,5”
Size XL: 20” – 22”
*If your knee is wider, choose the larger size.

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