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Attends Protective Underwear, manufactured by Attends, are heavy absorbency, pull-up style briefs to protect individuals from urinary incontinence. According to WebMD, more than 13 million individuals in the United States alone experience urinary incontinence.

To offer protection to these millions of individuals, Attends Protective Underwear is an everyday, unisex option that delivers a high degree of mobility and freedom. Pulled up or down just like normal underwear, these protective briefs feature a soft, yet snug stretch waistband and tear-away sides for easy removal.

In addition to being able to easily remove the Attends underwear, they are made of a permeable, air-flow material that ensures you retain dry and healthy skin. Featuring an acquisition layer and super absorbent polymer channel, when urinary incontinence does occur, Attends Protective Underwear locks fluids in the core and prevents odor from escaping.

For individuals to easily discern the front from the back, these protective underwear integrate colored stitching on the back of the product. All of these features and benefits revolve around one core concept: your comfort and protection. Attends offers you heavy absorbency protection and makes you feel confident. To enhance your management of urinary incontinence, order the Attends Protective Underwear Heavy Absorbency today!

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Attends Protective Underwear Moderate Absorbency Features and Benefits

  • Acquisition layer and super absorbent polymer that locks fluid in the core and prevents odor.
  • Color stitching indicates back of brief.
  • Flexible and comfortable fit with waistband elastics.
  • Permeable, air-flow material for dry, healthy skin.

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