Assorted Sucker Darts Fidget Spinners Toys – Assorted Sizes and Colors – Item #5825

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  • Multifunctional Fidget Toys: With a total of 4 ways to play with, our multifunctional spinners can function as spinners, suction wheels, suction darts, and suction building blocks, making them great toys for kids and adults with autism, ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing sensitivity as well as neurotypical people for stress relief.
  • Tiny Tornado on Fingertip: Designed with an ultra-smooth bearing and ergonomically sunken button, our multifunctional spinner can stay firmly on your fingertip while rotating like a tiny tornado. Besides, the soft silicone texture will prevent scratching and hurting, making it safe for little kids and adults alike.
  • Comforting Suction Wheel: By holding the central button of the small spinner and pressing it lightly against a smooth surface, you can use it as a suction roller wheel. It will produce small popping sounds and tactile as it rolls forward, thereby providing a soothing effect in stressful environments like classrooms, offices, hospitals, and so on.
  • Powerful Suction Darts: Our large spinners can be used as suction darts. The glossy surface of the suction cups allows them to stick tightly onto any smooth plane surfaces, and the light weight of 0.88oz will prevent them from falling off, making them great competition toys in classrooms, offices, etc. with a smooth whiteboard or glass wall.

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