Assorted LED Kangaroo Toothrushes No Mess With Toothpaste- Pink & Green

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You will receive 25 of each color toothbrushes for boys and girls for a total of
50 toothbrushes.

It’s tome to make brushing simple and fun with the dentist-recommended Kangaroo Oral Care System and FDA-registered Toothpaste
This toothbrush has:
• Soft bristles
• Tongue cleaner
• 2-3 months of Toothpaste inside
• Multicolor Led
• 2-minute timer
HEALTHY HABITS MADE EASY – With a simple twist, bubble gum toothpaste is dispensed on the bristles.
COLORFUL TOOTHBRUSH TIMER – Promoting healthy hygiene, LEDs are built into the 2 minute timer.
Toothpaste is dispensed from a clear tube so you can see how much is left.
NEW SEASON, NEW TOOTHBRUSH – A new toothbrush every season teaches kids proper hygiene habits.
NO MESS TRAINING TOOTHBRUSH – Let’s make brushing fun again without the mess of regular toothpaste.





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