Amethya Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp Plug-In (Night Light)

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The Himalayan Mini Crystal Salt Lamp That Enhances Every Ambient Mood

Science can’t fully determine the health benefits of the Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt.

But that this natural crystal salt mini lamp will be just great for your life, home, or office, there’s no doubt at all.

That’s because its Himalayan crystal salt rock placed above an elegant plastic holder, gives the ambient a warm, pinkish amber glow, creating an awesome effect.

As soon as the light bulb warms it up, the particles are trapped into the salt crystal lamp, evaporating back into the air after a while.

This Himalayan salt lamp also helps you to get rid of tiny dust particles, reduce pet dander and to avoid mold and mildew.

Place one of these in your kids sleeping room and watch them experience great night sleeps, while contributing to calm them down after a rushing day.

Besides all its benefits, the Himalayan Mini Crystal Salt Lamp is also a great tool of elegance and calmness to any living room, office or even clinics, yoga studios or pilates classes.

  • HOME DÉCOR: Natural Himalayan crystal salt night light with soothing and relaxing amber warm glow; perfect for any room
  • IDEAL GIFT CHOICE: Perfect gift for your loved ones; birthdays, Valentine’s, Christmas, and all other special occasions
  • NATURAL PRODUCT: This is a natural product; variations and inconsistencies in size, color and shape will occur


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