A Hanukkah Tradition The Story of Funukkah Girl Plush Doll and Book Set – Silver

A Hanukkah Tradition The Story of Funukkah Girl Plush Doll and Book Set – Silver

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“The Story of Funukkah gift set includes a Funukkah 13” plush girl doll with magic pink backpack and fully illustrated 24 page Hard Cover STORY BOOK. Packaged carefully in a COLORFUL BOX with the Funukkah fun rules. The box safely keeps the doll and book stored away until the next Channukah season.

Celebrate 8 days of magic! Take a family adventure with a Funakkah kid, make delicious Latke treats and learn what makes Hanukkah special!

Rules of this gift set:
– If you are good every night and day, your new best friend will come out and play. Funukkah dolls all need a name so please give your doll a name so you can play the game.
– Then follow these rules for Funukkah fun and I’ll leave you a present for a job well done. Be nice and respectful to your family and friends – I really like the message this sends!
– Say “please” and “thank you” because manners are key. Everyone in Funukkah town agrees.
– Clean your room at least once a day, especially before you go out to play.
– Say your prayers like every good girl and boy, for all of life’s blessings that bring you joy.
– And then, while you sleep so snug in your bed, the Funukkah magic will begin to spread.
– Please love me and hug me and say good night, then I’ll magically hide until daylight
– I’m sneaky and crazy and might play a trick, look inside my backpack for a candlestick.
– For eight days the Shamash candle will provide the light, to make your Menorah burn clear and bright