20pc Chef Straps Silicone Cooking Twine Ties

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These reusable ties in three different designs are heat-resistant, non-stick silicone. They’re ideal for bundling, trussing, and organizing meats and vegetables. They can tie together cooking, food presentation, gardening, organizing and more.

New cooking tool instead of toothpicks, twine & string
Professional grade silicone-reusable, eco-friendly
Oven & microwave safe, heat resistant to 536°F
Non-stick, easy food prep, keeps cooking organized
Great for trussing poultry, meat & stuffed fish
For bundling vegetables, & herbs to make soup
Replaces baker’s twine & butcher’s twine, make easy butcher knots
Nice presentation for foods too, in three colors: red, blue & green
Alternative uses: in garden, home organization
Dishwasher safe in mesh wash bag; made in China
This silicone kitchen cooking twine stretches, locking in turkey, chicken, or any other baking project you want to fasten into place
This is an ideal gift for bakers, grillers, gardeners, or for any household project where silicone twist ties come in handy
These Thin multi-colored silicone rubber ties have 1001 indoor and outdoor uses

(8) Red Bands: 2.25” diameter; (6) Blue Loops: 6.5”L
(4) Green Locks: 15”L; (2) Yellow Links: 16.5”L


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