2017-2018 Primary School Student Planner Spiral-bound – Item #12

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Primary School Planners are a great tool at introducing organizational skills. As young children begin their first steps into the academic world, using School Agendas allow children to participate in keeping track of their classroom activities. Writing down simple notes on homework assignments enables young children to learn the process needed in later school years in tracking assignments, exams, and projects.

Using a Student Agenda on a daily basis will help young children develop necessary habits, such as reviewing classwork each day. Having a child decide which tasks are most important to tackle first enables them to learn how to prioritize work which discourages last minute scrambling. The Student Planner can be used in conjunction with establishing a daily ‘study hour’ when younger children can work with family members to review their classwork. This will help develop habits that will lead to independent homework time.

Primary Student Planners are excellent tools to keep the lines of communication open between teachers and parents. Parents have an opportunity to initial each day’s assignments so teachers know the parent is up-to-date with what their child is learning. Messages can be exchanged between teachers and parents whenever questions arise concerning a child’s progress with schoolwork. This type of contact may help prevent learning difficulties from being unnoticed.


  • 8.5 x 11 page size
  • 112 full color interior pages
  • 3 hole drilled
  • Plastic coil bound
  • Calendar runs August 7, 2017 to July 6, 2018
  • Extra Large Writing Room For Assignments
  • Daily Section For Parent/Teacher Comments
  • Section For 20 Weekly Spelling words
  • Fun Educational Activities
  • Grammar Learning Tips
  • Weekly Health And Learning Tips
  • Weekly Goal Setting
  • Penmanship Practice

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