2017-2018 Middle School Student Planner Spiral-bound – Item #34

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Our Middle School Student Planners will help build a foundation for students to learn needed organizational and time management skills as they adapt to having multiple classes in different classrooms. At the middle school level students are beginning to become more independent. Teachers at this grade level will not be using class time to remind students to write down assignments, therefore, students need their planners to keep track of upcoming projects, tests, and daily homework. Writing down what the assignment is, when it’s due, and the key points about their assignment will make doing their homework easier and help students internalize more of what is expected of them.

In Middle School, more projects, tests, and quizzes are given to students. By breaking down research projects into smaller pieces and writing those due dates in their planners, students keep on track and on time. Having a visual reminder of upcoming events helps prevent students from becoming overwhelmed by their school work; this will result in the students’ grades rising and help to create a less stressful classroom experience. All these organizational and time management skills will enable the middle school student to transition easier into the more complex high school environment.

  • 7 x 10 page size
  • 128 full color interior pages
  • 3 hole drilled
  • Plastic coil bound
  • Calendar runs August 7, 2017 to July 8, 2018
  • Weekly SAT Vocabulary Builder
  • Weekly Character Words
  • Weekly Study Tips
  • Weekly Health Tips
  • Weekly Did You Know Facts
  • Section For Teacher/Parent Comments
  • Section To Track Tests and Long Term Projects


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