2-Pack PAG Cooling Towel – (40″x 12″) – Only $2.50/Pack

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  • PAG Cooling towel is made of microfiber hyper-evaporative breathable material, it has a soft feel ,is super absorbent and breathable.
  •  Perfect for hot flashes, fever or headache therapy, heatstroke prevention and for all who wants to keep cool during their outdoor adventures. It could be a great sports towel for running, cycling, workout, bowling, golf, yoga, gym, fitness,cold therapy for fever. Cooling towel will help to reduce a high temperature for all outdoor activities, such as gardening, golf, camping, climbing, fishing, hunting, hiking, Jogging, etc
  • Quickly cool down by just soaking, wringing the water out . The magical cooling effect can last up to several hours and easy to reactivate it by repeating the same steps.
  • 39″x11″ Snap Cooling Towel perfect around your neck as a scarf, headband or bandana and it can fold into a small, portable pouch and very easy to carry.
  • Comes in assorted colors Blue, Black, Pink & Grey but can not guarantee how many of each color you will receive.
  • Each pack includes TWO cooling towels

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