2-Pack – Gummy Pals Mini Squishy Animal Stress Relief Toys – Only 30 Cents/Pack

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Gummy Pals mini animal squishies are soft and cute.

  • Each Package Includes: 2 x Squishy Toys In Different Shapes And Colors.
  • Amazing, Adorable, Fun Mini Squishies. Great for Party Favors
  • Made Of Safe And Non-Toxic Soft Rubber Material Designed To Relive Your Stress
  • Can Be Easily Cleaned With Water
  • These Squishy Toys Are About 1.7 inches, Suitable for 3+ ages
  • This listing is for 360 (2-Packs) for a total of 720 individual Squishy Pals
  • Comes Packed 36 (2-Packs) per counter display

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