2 in 1 Microfiber Cleaning Brush with Built-in Sprayer Handle

2 in 1 Microfiber Cleaning Brush with Built-in Sprayer Handle

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  • MAKE CLEANING FAST AND EASY – Clean windows, mirrors, stainless steel, porcelain, plastic, cars, interiors and exteriors in a simple, quick and easy way. Handy convenient handle has a built-in sprayer to help you spray and clean with water or your favorite glass cleaning solution all in one easy to use unit. 
  • REMOVABLE WASHABLE MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTH COVER FOR PROFESSIONAL CLEANING – Includes removable washable microfiber cover that gives you better and with the professional cleaning qualities inherent in the micro fiber cleaning cloth that can be removed and washed using soap and water by hand under a tap or in a washing machine to clean. Save the environment and stop using disposable wipes and pads.
  • BUILT-IN SPRAY HANDLE MAKES CLEANING GLASS WINDSHIELD WINDOWS FAST AND EASY. Innovative built-in sprayer in the handle helps to quickly, easily and conveniently clean your car and helps you give it instantly wash, wipe and clean the glass windows and windshield, until you have more time to detail your car or take it for detailing.
  • COMPACT SIZE FITS INTO GLOVE COMPARTMENT FOR EASY ACCESS – The car, auto, vehicle window, glass, windshield cleaning kit wand is sized 11.0″ Long x 4.75″ Wide and 2.0 Thick, that makes it perfect to fit into the glove compartment of your auto, car, truck, suv, rv, or vehicle. Makes it very convenient and handy as it becomes ready to use when needed.


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